It is NOVEMBER already! By this point in the year I am typically living each day by the clock or calendar. For me, professionally and personally everything is about THE NUMBERS. There are 8 more weeks until Christmas – and – under 50 days until the close of fourth quarter -or- 23 people coming for Thanksgiving dinner and I need to calculate how big of a turkey to buy!

While it may feel like everything is moving in overdrive I find myself enjoying the fast pace that keeps the daily routine fresh. It can be challenging at times to attend a networking event or panel discussion after a day filled with projects, emails or the unexpected as we balance work & home. I encourage you to embrace the opportunity to join WISE at the next event. Catch up with us during this exciting and thriving time for all of us in the event and sports industry.

At that next WISE event, let’s be sure to CHEERS our members from the Cleveland Indians on their successful season – as we all know how important “the team behind the team” is! Be sure to TOAST to all of those members who work in supporting roles and business organizations throughout Northeast Ohio who worked long nights and early mornings setting up events or hosting media centered on the playoffs and World Series.

A special THANK YOU to members of our board who organized the BEYOND THE FIELD Q & A with female baseball analyst, Jessica Mendoza from ESPN. I am so grateful to Lauren Harris who seized the moment and brought an exclusive opportunity to our members. Thank you to Sara Zavorek for serving as our moderator and to our awesome partners at Destination Cleveland and the Cleveland Sports Commission for providing the space. For everyone who joined us at that event, I hope it made the excitement and memories from that week that much sweeter.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,